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- Utah Energy Healing, Meditation, and Yoga -

Why Empower Your Path?

"Like a cosmic carwash for your soul"


Within each of us are all the tools we need to feel complete, healthy, and empowered. The tools and practices I offer are there to help you to maintain your health, align your body, and stay true to your vision and life journey. Sometimes blockages, traumas, and unhealthy patterns can get in the way of us accessing that inner power. To clear these issues and free the way for us to see through to the other side, energy work, yoga, and meditation can be the perfect way to get us back on our path to continue lifelong positive growth and healing.

Healing Services offered by Empower Your Path:


Convenient Locations

Serving Park City, Salt Lake City and Heber, UT


From my office in Heber, UT or your home in Park City, Salt Lake City, or the surrounding northern Utah area, I will engage you in deep self-inquiry and bring attention to when releases occur and how to recognize consistent patterns so you can feel the sense of shift in your body. What do you want out of life? What is your life motto, your mantra?

My life has been forever touched by the healing arts including yoga, Reiki, Yoga Nidra, and sound healing, and it is my mission to pass this love onto you and use these tools to empower you to set out on your own path and open to your own authentic nature. I act merely as a catalyst for you to bring about your own change!

Let me help you to empower your path!

Elizabeth Jensen, Owner