Elizabeth Jensen & Empower Your Path Healing

To live in the beauty of imperfect and to know that is what is perfect
Elizabeth Jensen

I grew up in the mountains of Park City, Utah, and yet I always been very drawn to the ocean. This passion took me to Occidental College in California where I graduated in 2002 with a major in Biology with a Marine emphasis.

After college, I returned to Park City where I taught at a Montessori school, which would be my first endeavor into the teaching realm. In 2005, I stepped into my personal yoga practice at The Shop and by 2012 I had completed my first 200-hour Anusara teacher training. Since then, I have completed multiple levels of training in Anusara and assisted in a 200-hour teacher training. I attained my Anusara-Inspired teaching status in 2017 am currently working toward completing my 500-hour teacher training.

Through my own life process and desire for my own personal growth, I engaged a Reiki master for a session, which left such a profound effect that I decided to complete the Reiki Levels 1, 2, and Master in 2010 so that I could both benefit from and share this healing with others.

My journey through continuing my own self-development brought me to Vibrational Attunement (my term for Sound Healing). In 2013, I added that to my yoga classes and the healing services that I offer. Soon after, I embarked on my certification for Yoga Nidra, completing my Level 1 in 2015, Level 2 in 2016, and am currently in process of attaining full certification.

I am on a continuous path of growth and always adding new tools to help empower as many people as I can to heal and to trust, to learn to listen to themselves, and to find their true worth within. I look forward to where my heart and passion will take me next!

My Mission and Goals

  • To empower you in reclaiming and utilizing your power and recognize what you want out of life

  • To help you to connect to the unique, beautiful, authentic being that goes by your name

  • To give you the tools to know how to navigate the waters of your personal journey

  • To To support you in taking the steps and commit to self-care and being responsible for your life and choices

  • To offer you the opportunity to understand the relationship between our internal and external worlds, and how we work in both

  • To connect to the whole picture of health and wellbeing: body, mind, emotions, energy, etc.

  • To facilitate your own sense of peace, compassion, acceptance, and beauty of life

  • To understand what it is to be human and how we all function in that realm

  • To live in the beauty of imperfect and to know that is what is perfect

*Please note: I am not a mental health practitioner.

Elizabeth Jensen